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Colour me impressed! 2 years ago
Daaaamn this guy was excellent! What’s his name? Can he eat me next please? My turn!
OMG 2 years ago
He made LOVE to that pussy with his face! Damn I need a man with skills like THAT! Lucky lucky lady
Unonown 2 years ago
How happy she is
Woman 2 years ago
This is a man who knows how to please a woman!
2 years ago
This is the best porn I’ve ever seen. The way he does it and the way she reacts are just like my partner and I. I wish more porn like this was featured
Thats just cute 2 years ago
Lick , tease and make her cum . That's getting her ready guys! Get your arms over her thighs and hold her hands so she cant close her legs. Keep flicking your tongue on her clit. When she starts bucking move up , insert cock and work her through as many orgasms as she can have. Don't Jackhammer until she is soaked and ready. Speed will drive her nuts so pump as long as its hard. Many women pass out. Its not race or size, its making her cum hard and often!
2 years ago
I really wanna be eaten like that
Take note 2 years ago
Fellas that is how you give a woman an orgasm.
Lick the clit like that
Crissy 2 years ago
Making me hard to think i'm going to eat Candy that way
Southern MI 2 years ago
That’s exactly how I lick my girl, otherwise she bitches